Course Topics:

About Android / Smartphones features
Preparing the Environment
Installing the SDK / Creating Android Emulator
Installing Eclipse / Installing Android Development Tools
Choosing which Android version to use
Android Architecture
Android Stack / Android applications structure / Creating a project
Working with the AndroidManifest.xml
Using the log system / Activities
UI Architecture
Application context / Intents / Activity life cycle / Supporting multiple screen sizes
User Interface Widgets
Text controls / Button controls / Toggle buttons / Images
Notification and
Toast / Parameters on Intents / Pending intents
Status bar notifications / Toast notifications
Menus Localization
Options menu / Context menu
Alert dialog / Custom dialog / Dialog as Activity
Using string arrays / Creating lists / Custom lists
Location and Maps
Google maps / Using GPS to find current location
Working with data 
Storage / Shared preferences / Preferences activity / Files access / SQLite database
View animation / Drawable animation
Content providers
Content provider introduction / Query providers
Communication / Web Services / HTTP Client / XML and JSON
Service lifecycle / Foreground service
Publishing Your App

Preparing for publishing / Signing and preparing the graphic